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Oracle SOA File/FTP Adapter

Oracle SOA File/FTP Adapter Oracle File/FTPĀ Adapter is one of the service component of the Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle File and FTP Adapter allows BPEL or Mediator process to exchange (i.e read or write) files on local file systems or remote file (i.e FTP or SFTP)...

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SAP SuccessFactors Integration with Oracle HRMS

It is very essential for the enterprise to store organizational data along with employee data, and use them to manage the people related to the enterprise effectively. This requirement creates the market for a system called the Human Resource Management System. Oracle E-Biz provides a...

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Ansible – Configuration and Management Tool

Ansible is a configuration management open source software. It can use to setup client/remote system, or in other words install your require packages to client/remote system. Ansible usage of SSH for transport. Ansible script is written into YML(yet another markup language). How does ansible works?...

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