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LogiCoy has implemented OTM with SFDC [Sales Force Dot Com] using OpenESB which is currently running in production. How OTM integration is implemented using OpenESB?  Types of integration that we at LogiCoy have accomplished by sending data to [inbound to OTM] and from OTM [outbound...

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Welcome to Strium by 36 Prep

LogiCoy consultant Alex Aabedi recently launched his new venture in online education, Strium by 36 Prep, to address the growing disparities in access to high quality college entrance exam preparation at affordable prices. The Strium ACT course is fully online and on-demand with complete mobile and desktop compatibility...

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Ansible – Configuration and Management Tool

Ansible is a configuration management open source software. It can use to setup client/remote system, or in other words install your require packages to client/remote system. Ansible usage of SSH for transport. Ansible script is written into YML(yet another markup language). How does ansible works?...

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