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Working with XSLT Service Engine: Part 2

Project summary: In This project, I am going to do xml to xml transformation using Service Bridge. Please Check working with XSLT Service Engine Part 1 for more details about XSLT Service engine and sample project for Request-Reply service of XSLT service Engine. In this...

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Working With XSLT Service Engine: Part 1

About the XSLT Service Engine The XSLT Service Engine is a Java-based transformation engine that is used to convert XML documents from one data format to another. The XSLT Service Engine makes it easier for users to configure and expose XSL style sheets as web...

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OpenESB HL7 Tutorial

This document describes how to create a simple HL7 Sender and Receiver project. The HL7 Sender project polls for files on a file system containing HL7 messages and sends them over MLLP to an HL7 external using the HL7 Outbound port and then writes the...

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