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Working with XSLT Service Engine: Part 2

Project summary: In This project, I am going to do xml to xml transformation using Service Bridge. Please Check working with XSLT Service Engine Part 1 for more details about XSLT Service engine and sample project for Request-Reply service of XSLT service Engine. In this...

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Working with OpenESB WLMSE

Overview Here we will attempt to create simple Application that demonstrate use of WLM Application. Before we begin, quick introduction to WLM is appropriate. WLM stands for Worklist Manager. It allows you to create Web Service Application that require human action/decision (one of pre-defined options)...

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SSL, Keystore, Truststore and Mutual Authentication

For the past four days I was trying to configure 2 instances of OpenESB instances with SSL Mutual authentication. I initially thought it is straightforward that I just need to import their respective certificates in the truststore of their counterparts. But it proved more difficult...

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